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Nov. 30, 2021

Home Is Where the Heart Is More than Ever This Year

Nov. 29, 2021

Why Now Is a Great Time To Sell Your House

Nov. 26, 2021

Reasons To Hire a Real Estate Professional [INFOGRAPHIC]

Nov. 25, 2021

Thank You for Your Support

Nov. 24, 2021

How Smart Buyers Are Approaching Rising Mortgage Rates

Nov. 23, 2021

Don’t Believe Everything You Read: The Truth Many Headlines Overlook

Nov. 22, 2021

4 Ways Homeowners Can Use Their Equity

Nov. 19, 2021

Your Journey to Homeownership [INFOGRAPHIC]

Nov. 18, 2021

Home Sales About To Surge? We May See a Winter Like Never Before.

Nov. 17, 2021

Retirement May Be Changing What You Need in a Home

Nov. 16, 2021

Sellers: You’ll Likely Get Multiple Strong Offers This Season

Nov. 15, 2021

4 Things Every Renter Needs To Consider

Nov. 12, 2021

Should I Update My House Before I Sell It? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Nov. 11, 2021

VA Loans: Helping Veterans Achieve Their Homeownership Dreams

Nov. 10, 2021

What’s Happening with Home Prices?

Nov. 9, 2021

How Sellers Win When Housing Inventory Is Low

Nov. 8, 2021

Two Graphs That Show Why You Shouldn’t Be Upset About 3% Mortgage Rates

Nov. 5, 2021

Numbers Don’t Lie – It’s Still a Great Time To Sell [INFOGRAPHIC]

Nov. 4, 2021

Why a Wave of Foreclosures Is Not on the Way

Nov. 3, 2021

Experts Project Mortgage Rates Will Continue To Rise in 2022

Nov. 2, 2021

Sellers Have Incredible Leverage in Today’s Market

Nov. 1, 2021

Renters Missed Out on $51,500 This Past Year